Retribution for Kokito, pup that died on United Airlines!

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Kokito was the 10 month old French Bulldog that has recently passed due to the incompetence of a United Airlines flight attendant. The family of the dog told the flight attendant that it was in fact a dog in the bag and were forced to stow the pooch in the overhead compartment. The flight attendant lied having knowledge that there was an animal in the carryon that was in fact marked TSA Approved carryon. The family of Kokito was reimbursed the fee to bring their animal family member on the flight and their flight tickets as well. If you do your research, this is not the first animal to die on a United Airlines aircraft. United Airlines knew this was a problem and has not taken any corrective action. This family, as well as previous others, deserve more than just reimbursement, but also justice for their pain and suffering. Sign this petition to have the flight attendant responsible FIRED! And more training to be given to upcoming United employees, and current employees.