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United Airlines CEO Jeff Smisek must resign

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United Airlines has turned it’s back on it’s employees and customers. Thousands of middle-class jobs are being outsourced and retiree benefits slashed. Loyal flyers are finding diminishing service due to cost cutting measures to what was once world class service. United Airlines CEO Jeff Smisek has been the guiding hand in wrecking the company and the lives of the loyal, hardworking employees that made United great. Deciding we had enough, a group of employees and retirees of United Airlines, along with frequent fliers, started this petition to demand the immediate resignation of Jeff Smisek as CEO of United Airlines.

United’s downfall came with the merger with Continental. Jeff Smisek made promises in front of Congress and to the employees: Jobs would be safe from outsourcing, earned benefits would be protected, and service would not suffer. The merger happened and Jeff Smisek’s promises became lies. Employees found their jobs being outsourced to contractors where United could pay less and provide fewer benefits. Over 40,000 retirees had their benefits stripped. The end result was thousands of lives destroyed.

Employees who have kept their jobs don’t have it much better. Stories like one employee who had to move away from her husband of 28 years and her mother with dementia, just so she can keep her job and be able to retire in 3 years, are common. The ability to provide customers with fast, effective service has been hampered by the replacement of top of the line computer systems with cheaper versions. Customers have found frequent flyer reward programs dismantled. This is the “new” United Airlines under Jeff Smisek.

Together we can take United back. We can end the outsourcing, restore jobs, return benefits, and bring back the customer service our flyers deserve. The first step is demanding CEO Jeff Smisek relinquish leadership. He has shown he cannot be trusted to do the right thing and it will take a new leader to set things right. Please join us in demanding United Airlines CEO resign immediately. Please sign and share our petition today.

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