Say NO to NHS pay proposal

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Nurse need to say no to the diabolical pay proposal which is no pay improvement as it included annual increments that nurses will obtain anyway. The nurse wage is already 14% below the inflation rate and inflation is set to rise by over 9% and nurses are only being offered just over 6% pay rise. Well below inflation. Its not being offered to keep staff only to look more appealing to newely qualified. They cant recruite or retain nurses at present. Nurses are the biggest work force and if nurses had the guts to strike and not be afraid of threats from NMC etc then we could have what ever we want. How can they sack the whole entire work force of nurses if we all go on strike?????. STRIKE is the only action to have WHAT WE DESERVE. 


The new proposal stops annual incements(will be managers discretion). Unsociable hour payments will be reduced and eventually stop. Sickness and annual leave policy will change. They will screw nurses over as per usual.