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Unite to end violence in name of belief! To condemn one needs proof, not beliefs! If one understood this, one would not be a terrorist!

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This is a worldwide proposal to help raise consciousness and prevent terrorism!  


Wisdom and love is to dissolve falseness by simple clarity, not to promote blind belief, or kill unbelievers..

One must separate the chaff from wheat, the false from the true, the word from the true spirit of love even of holy books. 

As mafia bosses, terrorist prophets, and their slave followers, would rather kill than to reason, for the sake of power and authority alone.

To condemn anyone, one needs proof, not beliefs!-

Violence is the most stupid of arguments-

 In any court of justice, to condemn anyone for a belief is an injustice! 

Ultimately, justice is to destroy falseness, not the person who is false!

Unite to end violence in name of God or belief! 

 True angels 
destroy not men,
but the falseness in them.

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