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Stop the inhuman treatment of temporarily incarcerated women.

I was an inmate at Unit C for 30 days. During this time I witnessed the worst treatment of these women by the guards and deputies. We did not have the ability to flush our commode and we staying locked in our cells for 23 hours per day. We were cussed at, sprayed with mace on a regular basis and not given medical care. I witnessed a young woman go through labor and was not given ANY medical treatment. The ambulance was called after the baby started crowning. This was not a prison, the women have not yet been proven guilty. We were just waiting there until our cases were heard. I started a Facebook Page called "Unit C Pulaski County AR" where I have documented, with the help of many friends, the day to day activity and cruelties that I witnessed. Most of these women are poor and uneducated. They do not have a voice. I want to give them a voice.

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  • Unit C Pulaski County Regional Detention Facility Little Rock Arkansas

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