Unit 2 Confidence in Sharon and Maria

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July 1st:

100 signatures reached. Petition will be submitted, electronically, to CUPE National next, in addition to our local's chair.

June 26:

Following the acceptance of York's MOS by 2/3 majority of Unit 2 members who voted on it (twice!), already vindicating the decision to bring it to a vote simply in its result, repeated harassing attacks on our two U2 Bargaining Team members (Maria Wallis and Sharon Davidson), who made this voting opportunity possible for us in the first place, continue, at all BT/Exec Meetings, along with General Membership Meetings (GMMs). Among those attacks are calls for their resignation, despite being our elected officials, and demands for them to explain why they refuse (rightfully) to resign. This continues to make a TOXIC and challenging environment for them to continue their important work of getting us the best possible CA agreement during the arbitration stage, to come shortly.

If you support Maria and Sharon for their contributions to bring a vote directly to the membership, and if you have FULL CONFIDENCE in your elected representatives on the U2 BT team still working to bring you the best possible CA during arbitration, then please sign your name below. I will submit the running list of this petition's names to tomorrow's (June 27) SGMM, to speak for all U2 members who have confidence in Maria and Sharon but are not able to be present at the GMM to express it, and will continue to update it again after the GMM.


100 SIGNATURES (as of July 1st, 2018):

Tatiana Paulin
Sirvan Karimi
Jamie Roberts
Motti Anafi
Arthur Younger
Fern Salsberg
Linda Hargreaves
Maria Keresztesi
Julie Allen
Helen Jones
Noreen Stuckless
Jonas Lim
Hilary Davis
Tamara Wood
Kelly Parr
Judith Stuart
Cael Cohen
John M. Limnidis
Sacha Wlliamson
Mohamed Khimji
Brian Katz
Rebecca Jubis
Michelle Mawhinney
Liisa Duncan
David Stamos
Luke Arnason
Peter Penz
Carl Wolfe
Irene Markoff
Barbara Ackerman
David Carvounas
Alireza Rafiee
Andreas Georgiou
Anne Lederman
Jai Chetram
Iouldouz Raguimov
Caroline Disler
William Gleberzon
Mark Eisenman
Charles Battershill
Chantal Abouchar
Andrea Valente
Jennifer Andreae
Shodja Eddin Ziaian
Henriette Gezundhajt
Faiz Ajmed
Vadym Donsky
Nataliya Lenina
Anat Avitzur
William Beauvais
Karen Armstrong
Heather Jordan
Frederick Kwasi Dunyo
Michelle Mohabeer
Elsa Michael
Roy Ratterson
Philip MacEwen
M Sharon Armstrong
Catherine Ishino
Lori Turner
Mark Cummings
Juliette Lawson
Shaudin Melgar-Foraster
Ben Freedman
Chandra Kumar
Patrizia Divincenzo
Deborah Clipperton
Olya Murphy
KK Hardtke
Joanne Azevedo
Véronique Tomaszewski
Maria Frohlich-Dees
Angela Hug
Steven Pinter
Ehud Avitzur
David Langille
Laura Kuzmenko
Martha Batiz
Simone Abouchar
Marie-Elaine Bourgeois
Marc Weinstein
Julie Sandoval
Matt Brubeck
Gabrielle Magro (U1)
Hélène Poplyansky
Glenn Goshulak
Anna Rosner
Mike Gadsden
Radha Persaud
Sylvia Peacock
Paty Diaz
Aman Bloom
Emanuel Lee
Kirk Atkinson
Sylvie Clamageran
Judith Cohen
Patricia Orr
Lewis Code
Robyn Gillam
Marta Simidchieva
Wayne Skinner
Mary Traill
Anna Melnikoff
Alan Guillermo
Janet Rubinoff
Sohrab Rostami

Names will be regularly updated here: