We Want to Wear Bags During School in UNIS

We Want to Wear Bags During School in UNIS

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Andy Choi started this petition to unis and

We should all be able to bring our bags to school and wear them around the school. What's the point of bringing a bag to school, if we aren't going to use it?

The whole point of a bag is to store things and bring it around efficiently. Students are always tired of bringing their stuff around with their hands, and we sometimes have a lot of stuff to bring around. Students have to bring a computer, water bottle, pencil case, planner, a couple of books and their ID card and money, but without bags, it is very difficult.

There were often cases where students lost their stuff this year, and it is mainly because they didn't bring their bag around. Having a bag means that you can store stuff in it and keep it there, and you will have a less chance of losing it.

Other than that, when it rains, students' books will get wet because they have nothing to protect their books with. UNIS is a school with a lot of open spaces, so that means when students are traveling around places, their books are going to get wet.

There are often times where students also forget to bring stuff to class, but that would not have happened if they had their bags.

Without our bags, students are forced to put stuff in our locker, and while some people like using lockers, the majority of the people don't. Why should we use lockers, when we can just bring our stuff around school? Students hate it when they have to go their lockers. It can sometimes cause them to be late. Some students have to go to their locker to get their stuff but then go to their classes, which can sometimes be very far away from their locker. This can cause them to be late for class, and be "tardy".

UNIS, as I have said before, is extremely big. Going to a class may take five minutes to get to. Now, that doesn't sound that long, but the time we have in between each class is five minutes. We have five minutes to quickly gather our stuff, leave other stuff and go to our class in five minutes. However storing and collecting stuff from your locker can take a long time, and you also need to consider the fact that it takes time to go to your locker. Students have to go to their locker, put stuff in the locker and go to their class.

Students sometimes have to bring other stuff like their instruments around the school. However, instruments like the cello can be extremely heavy, and bringing it around without a bag can be very challenging. You have to carry your cello, and all of your stuff together and go to your class. Sure, students have their instrument lockers, but only a few people use it.

Holding their things around can also cause damage to their hands. The whole point of why UNIS made it so that students can't bring their bags around was because they brought a lot of stuff around in their bag and they said it was going to hurt their back. However, as a student who has been going to UNIS for four years, I can tell you that holding your stuff around, and bringing it around hurts more and causes more damage than carrying them around in your bag.

Students can get injuries carrying all that heavy stuff around, and with all the weight of their stuff, including their computer, it feels like torture. Students have a mac book, which is a pretty heavy device. Carrying that, plus books, plus other stuff is like torture. Personally, my back never hurt when I was bringing around my bag last year, and according to all the other students, they also felt fine bringing stuff around in their bag.

Then here comes another point, why aren't we allowed to bring small handbags around? Wasn't the whole point of no bags rule made because it "hurt student's back" Then why aren't students allowed to bring handbags? It's not like they wear it like on their bag. In fact, students aren't even allowed to bring suitcases around the school, which I think should be OK, because students are literally just dragging it around. With bags, there will also be less chance of people's stuff getting stolen. There were a couple of students that got their stuff stolen.

UNIS should allow students to bring their bags around in school. If that's not possible, UNIS should at least allow us to bring something like a handbag or a suitcase around the school.

Personal story
I, as a student in UNIS, take Orchestra as a class. I play the violin in Orchestra, and I have to carry it around everywhere. I had to bring my computer, water bottle, planner, three books and a pencil case. After I carried all that stuff to Orchestra, I realized my arms were hurting a lot, and I realized they were bleeding. I got a small scar after that.

I also have a friend, who dropped their stuff inside a pond by accident. Because he didn't have his bag, he was bringing everything around with his hands. He was climbing up the stairs, and then he tripped and all his stuff fell down. However, beneath the stairs, was a huge pond with fish. He dropped his book, and it fell through the stairs. The teachers near him helped him gather his book back, but it was wet and he ended up getting in trouble. Even after he explained that he dropped it, his teacher told him that it was his responsibility and was scolded.

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