If your city is green, it will be happy and clean

If your city is green, it will be happy and clean

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Started by Jenise Joseph

With the world's population growing at an increasing rate, it is more crucial than ever to create a contemporary, advanced, and sustainable city.

The urban heat island effect appears in towns and cities as a result of human activity. The heat generated by people, transport, shops, and industry is trapped in the narrow roads and concrete structures, unable to escape to the atmosphere. This can bring the temperature in urban areas up 3-4°C higher than the surrounding countryside, and with that comes a vicious cycle.

When the temperature rises on a sunny day, there is a greater demand for cooling, which necessitates the use of air conditioners. Heat-trapping CO2 is emitted when air conditioning is driven by energy generated from fossil fuels. and air conditioners radiate heat outside, contributing to the urban heat island effect.

All we should be doing to transform our urban existence into a healthy environment is to bring nature back in. We can make urban environments healthier and more livable by implementing elements of nature.' As humans, we have a responsibility to protect nature in our cities. In exchange, we would reap enormous health benefits. From planting trees and encouraging cycling to ban plastic and abandoning gasoline, there are many things that may be done to help the environment. So what can we do?

1. We may build small ecosystems by increasing the diversity of trees on our streets. Create little greenspaces around neighborhoods where individuals can rest while surrounded by flora.

2. Putting up green roofs. Soil, plants, and greenery on our roofs would lower surface temperatures while also acting as insulation for the structures below, lowering the amount of energy required to heat and cool the buildings.

3. Plant a varied range of tree species to increase the tree's resilience to climate change, as well as pets and disease.

4. Planting entrances, consider green building entrances, which provide visitors with a taste of nature while also purifying and cooling the air that enters the structure.

5. Incorporate a continuous canopy to provide shade protection from weather, and design continuous shaded walkways to encourage physical activity.

58 have signed. Let’s get to 100!