Adequate changing facilities for people with disabilities at our local pool

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Gladstone Aquatic Centre

At present,  older children or adults with disability who require assistance to change, cannot do so at our local pool. 

There is only a baby change table available.  This means that any one using the pool for therapies has to stay in wet clothing until they can go home to change.  Or use the hard benches which are not all appropriate 

This is putting people already at risk of illness in a more vulnerable position. They either have to choose to travel wet, or forego their therapy.  Or risk injury to selves or care staff/ family using the bench.  This also offers no privacy or dignity to the person with a disability.  

There are many amazing change stations on offer,  and the space is available to install them in the large change rooms by the heated indoor pool. 

Our Special Olympics group uses this pool, but their have been athletes who have had to stop going as they cannot risk illness.  This is preventing them from building their connections to the community and increasing their friendship circles.  It is isolating an already isolated group. 

I feel like I have harped on about this for years.  

I need your help to make it happen. 

Please share with your support services,  friends,  support workers, family members and anyone else you feel can make this change happen