Simplify Aadhaar to PAN linking process

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Due to the poor PAN application form lay-out, there are many applicants who have their names wrong on their PAN card.

This was mainly due to the wrong interpretation of NAME field (First/Last/Surname) in PAN application.

I am one of such victim who struggled to get my PAN card NAME updated 2 times at the time of issue.

Now as Govt is mandating to link your Aadhaar number with PAN number,  the issue is going to affect many of us who have miss-match (mainly due to First name / Last Name / Surname or Father name) in our PAN and Aadhaar.

At the same time, getting your name updated in either of this document is not easy task.

I wanted to update my middle name in PAN card to match that with my actual name in Aadhaar.

The process looks to be lengthy and time consuming. 

   -- Online KYC will always fail because of the miss-match in name

   -- Online submission asks for all certificate signed by gazette officer and  uploaded including photo.

-       Manual submission via post will take longer time to complete.

Note: My application failed after online payment for KYC, and now I am waiting for re-fund of my application fee.

Here is the suggestion:

If Aadhaar and PAN are 2 Govt. approved documents why can’t we consider one document as proof for other ?

I.e. If I am updating the PAN name as against Aadhaar, simply giving the Aadhaar number and self-affidavit should be considered as proof and vice versa.

I sincerely hope Govt. proactively consider such operational issues before implementing any such process change.