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Ban weighing children in public schools

To all concerned,

I have a very serious issue that I need to address. Weighing in at school. My daughter, who is under the care of an Endocrinologist at UCSF has a disorder that has caused a weight issue. As most of us know, having a weight issue as a child can create a multitude of issues for the child, such as low self esteem, eating disorders, and bullying.

My daughter came to me late at night sobbing, and telling me that she has to be weighed next week and that all of the girls are thinner than she is.  she has EXTREME anxiety over this, and I cannot blame her!

I believe that this is a violation of my child's privacy. I realize that this information is given to the state, and I feel that the results are very misleading.  Taking my child's height and weight and no medical information is completely inaccurate. I feel that if the state wants to address obesity in children, a number on the scale is not the answer. They need to look at the medical history of the child. 

I refuse to subject my child to being weighed at school. This is a private matter, and will only cause humiliation and a  " fat letter "to be sent to me! 

I welcome anyone to come into my home and see the food that I feed my children. I have made it my mission, and my passion to provide the most nutritious diet to my family, and I feel that if the state has an issue with nutrition, they should be looking at the food that is provided in the public school system in California, and begin making changes there first.

I plan to share this letter with anyone who will listen! My child's mental well being is far more important than the State's opinion of her weight. I feel that weighing in should be banned at all schools, and needs to be taken to a legislative level. My child is definitely not the only one emotionally affected by This, and now that it has been brought to my attention, it is my responsibility to do something to help. I am my child's advocate, and deeply feel for all of the other children that have to endure embarrassment and humiliation, because of a number on a scale.

Please take a moment to sign this very important petition to Ban Weighing Kids at School. Awareness is the first step in changing a broken system. 

Please feel free to contact me, and thank you for your support

Tracey Smith




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