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For years, Unionville High School has been using the Indian as a mascot with little to no outrage from community members. In a mostly white and affluent district, the mascot is irrefutably offensive, and tradition alone is not a valid reason to keep a celebration of the stolen land and culture that Unionville rests on. During pep rallies, students are encouraged to "let out an animalistic, guttural scream like an Indian on a warpath" and are admonished for resisting. Students unaware of Indigenous culture or significance wear headdresses and warpaint to signify school spirit. Historically, they have been known to paint the representative red and/or white. Each of these examples relays the deep racism against the Indigenous population of the United States and in our area. While the idea of changing the mascot was explored in the past, there have been minimal changes to the representation of Indigenous peoples in the school. This is the time to change the mascot and rectify the 90+ years of inherent, obvious racism at the heart of Unionville High School.

A letter to current and former students of Unionville High School to address racism can be found here.


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