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Petitioning Uniontown Police Police Chief Harold Britt and 2 others

Uniontown, Ohio, Police Department: Discharge Officer Who Killed Frightened Black Bear

"No injuries were reported among neighbors and there is no evidence of anyone being directly threatened by the bear," admits Uniontown Police Chief Harold Britt. Not only was this a violation of Div. of Wildlife protocol -- "The Ohio Department of Natural Resources prefers that non-violent steps, including trapping, be used to reduce bear-human conflicts," said spokeswoman Jamey Emmert -- but this young male bear was ironically  trying to AVOID danger by turning back from a busy street and back through the yards to find safety when the officer killed it. Putting childrens' safety first is a frequent battle cry of suburbanites on witch hunts to kill all manner of wild creatures. The bear was not charging anyone, or threatening anyone. The officer had over 20 mins. to think on his feet to ask for help, to call in other authorities. Killing it should not have been an option. Fire this officer! Chief, we know you are part of the good 'ol boys hunt club, the Lion's Club, unequivocally calling into question the mentality and motives of your department. Fire this officer NOW! At least he would still be getting away with his life, after taking that of another. This just in: "According to wildlife experts, bear attacks are rare.[1][2][3] Attacks are for predatory, territorial, or protective reasons.[4] Most wilderness attacks have occurred when there was only one to two persons in the vicinity." The officer who killed this young male bear claimed he did it because there were little kids in backyard having birthday parties in the 'burbs. So, the bear would have stayed away from groups! The only black bear attacks on humans I could find were related to zookeepers or that SOB who kept bears for fighting and whose bear killed a handler. There were NO bear attacks on humans in Ohio!

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Discharge Officer Who Killed Black Bear