La ‘dose di vaccino anti-COVID sospesa’ / The ‘pending paid anti-Covid shot’

La ‘dose di vaccino anti-COVID sospesa’ / The ‘pending paid anti-Covid shot’

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Perché questa petizione è importante

Lanciata da Alfonso Amendola

“Quando qualcuno è felice a Napoli, paga due caffè: uno per sè stesso, ed uno per qualcun altro. E' come offrire un caffè al resto del mondo.” Luciano de Crescenzo.

I'm Alfonso Amendola, Italian and World citizen.

I am a great supporter of anti-Covid vaccines because I think they are the only way to get out of the pandemic. For this reason, I believe that all the citizens in the world deserve to have the opportunity to get vaccinated.

Today is my birthday and as such I am happy. When they are happy, Neapolitans like me go to the bar and leave a paid coffee to the customer after them or to the customer that can’t afford it. 

So, through this petition, I am asking Mr. Joe Biden, Mrs. Ursula Von der Leiden, Mr. Boris Johnson and Mr. Mario Draghi to let me pay to have my third booster anti-Covid shot in order to finance the purchase of an equivalent dose to be devolved to the countries actually not having enough vaccines for their people.

With this ‘pending paid anti-Covid shot’ we will give hope and health to millions of people worldwide! 

United we can make a giant leap in fighting COVID! 

19 hanno firmato. Arriviamo a 25.