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The Childhood mustn't shallow. But we must protect child soldiers

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Close to 250 000 children are recruited because they are more manageable, more obedient, and more easily manipulated than adults. Children are also less conscious of danger, and it is harder for them to see the difference between “absence” and “death”.

We must stop this phenomenon which destroys the lives of children, their loved ones and society.
Our organization SHAL have decided to issue a petition to raise awareness of the living conditions of child soldiers, but above all to involve them in order to have a maximum of signatures to present our petition to the European Parliament and the Group of Seven so that these 2 organizations can act to save these children, to re-enroll them and to allow these children to go to school and resociabilize them to our societies.
The more signatures our petition receives, the more weight it will bring to international forces.

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