Unsafe indian Railway operations as no proactive preparedness for fire and rescue

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I am Chief fire officer of Vadodara city of Gujarat with experience of 32 years. I am considered as one of the expert in disaster management at state and centre. And time to time I have submitted remedial aspect of the rail accident with prevention and protection.
When Indian Railways handed over us by Britishers there were 90+ fire station at different strategic location in our country with a separate fire service wing in RPF(Railway protection force )
And at present not a single fire station is there with Railways as they discontinued fire wing in later nintees. What we can conclude is this development or degradation?
During my study at four different countries of Europe I have made a detailed report about what best can be done to match developed countries safety standards for rail operations and with view to service to the nation I have conveyed my feelings to Mr. Sam pitroda in year 2008 and he said report is worth following but explain it to Union Railway minister so I went to Calcutta to submit report through Mr. Dines Trivedi. My report and line of action was admired but sorry to say nothing concrete happened to improve ground realities. Later on Dines Trivedi became Railway minister but he couldn't solve issue with whatever reason but country couldn't get safer stage in railway. I was disappointed as my costly report was overlooked by policy maker and accidents were rising in Railway resulting loss of life and property.
After modI sir took over command at centre I have submitted my report at PM office without any wasted interest but it couldn't reach to ears of policy makers.
My mail to you is only for conveying you that if after reading your write up any Railway authorities contact you for upliftment of safety system I am ready to hand over detailed documents with report as service to the nation.

From: "Taparia Hitesh" <hjtapariawkr@gmail.com>