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Daily commuters in Indian railways often occupy train seats illegally using papers, cards, bags etc, and violently obstruct an occasional passenger to get a seat. They often use physical attack, obscene verbal threats to maintain their dominance.

Railway security helplines often do not work efficiently, rail officials often do not take actions against such malpractice.

Anybody among us can be a victim anyday. A victim could be our children, friend, spouse, parents, neighbour.

We urge our respected Rail Minister to take stricter preventive actions against such a culture that smudges our pride, our Indian railways. Both preventive and curative measures are call of the time. Awareness campaigns in mass and social media, in train compartments, rail stations, using popular celebrity faces; regular RPF train vigil in busy hours in major stations, stricter and quicker punitive actions against law breakers, meetings with daily passengers' unions , functional and quick responsive railway helplines might create an impact.

Let's build a better India, we can do it! Let's urge our leader to lead a change.