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Union of India: Dissolve CRA CMC and give full autonomy of Cauvery to Karnataka

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Kaveri / Cauvery river flows through four states of India. While in Kerala and Puducherry its usage and demand is very less there is huge political game  played when it comes to Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

 Kaveri River Dispute is running from centuries.

 While Karnataka was a strong opponent of British Raj and East India Company's rule , Kaveri basin of Tamil Nadu was under Madras Presidency's limit. This gave British to divide and rule and signed long term pacts with the then Mysore state along with wars spreading hatred among communities.

While Kaveri is a monsoon based river and Karnataka is in the elevated region of plateau where surface run off and evaporation is applicable along with downflowing due to gravity in Kaveri basin of Karnataka, highly unscientific decisions are being taken from centuries by British and now the Indian Union consistently lowering irrigation affecting most of who are following traditional ways.

Cauvery River Authority and Cauvery Monitoring Comiittee were formed to look into management and technical aspects at the centre.
These committees have largely been political without even visiting the spots centred at thousands of kms far in Delhi.

The petition here addresses the political game played keeping the riparian laws in front which prohibits the upper riparian state to expand the irrigable land.

 1. Cauvery River Authority and Cauvery Monitoring Comittee have no websites. No trasnsparency and details available.

 2. According to Indian laws Water is a state subject and Irrigation has to be done according to its priorities and not on neighbour states priorities. The constitution of any Authority thousands of kms away itself is a mockery.

3. Cauvery River is monsoon based . So essentially Karnataka is storing rain water during monsoons in Krishna Raja Sagara dam. 

4. Tamil Nadu asks for rain water share / resources from the state without any returns and centre with which it has a coalition intervenes to take profits out of situation.

5. Karnataka is the first region in the world whose irrigable lands can only be expanded based on neighbouring state's wishes and commands.

6. The people of Kaveri basin largely depend on agriculture for their survival from milleniums. Based on plateau the river water is used extensively to irrigate fields. The CRA at centre and its orders at time of drought treating it as private property without inspection is gross violation of human rights and obstacle to freedom to earn livelihood in their own lands inhabited from centuries.

7. Numerous studies have been done  which show the plateau having surface runoff and evaporation. Unless it is stored scientifically water comes to no use.

8. Manmohan Singh who heads CRA in Delhi have rarely sent inspection teams to Karnataka. Probably India is the only country which has centre of a river thousands of kms away from where it flows. He orders on Sept 19th 2012 , that 9000 cusecs to be released everyday like a vegatable vendor for ask of 2 tmc ft from Tamil Nadu.

9. Large parts of Kaveri basin land of Karnataka have been under captivity due to neighbouring state's hatred , arid during monsoons - being unable to expand irrigable lands , hence without any progress  and without any compensation for about a century and half from now. This has led to widespread migration lowering HDI.

10. Supreme Court has favoured this politically motivated PM saying him as the highest authority who has to be obeyed ,though in Union of India constitution he is just a public servant to people, . This is nothing short of dictatorship. When large parts are experiencing protests and bundhs it has shelved the hearing to a later date.

 11. While Central Water Commission (CWC) has said water is state subject and it has no role to examine the arid lands and water table , it still issues a distress sharing formula to Tamil Nadu which in turn suggests it in Supreme Court and also  threatens Karnataka of deployment of ARMY calling poor agitated farmers as law breakers and filing FIRs against 1000s who went to ask for their rights.

12. US ,UK and Californian water rights leave ownership of rivers for respective landowners. 
But the same UK has sown seeds of hatred between erstwhile Mysore Kingdom who opposed them and battled them, which made them to divide and form Madras Presidency and sign treaties in 1892 and 1924

13. Water rights of Kaveri basin people are severely violated by not allowing it to usage for prospering agiculturally or expanding city needs. The whole cities of Bangalore and Mysore along with all regions from Kodagu till Chamarajanagar in Karnataka depend on Kaveri for domestic usage.

14. Numerous protests have occured in this century for cauvery injustice. The lower riparian state should accept the Karnataka's sovereignity of the river  and share good relations and not blackmail using British or Centre .

15. The Prime Minister who heads Cauvery River Authority CRA itself, subsequent following of orders by Chief Minister of Karnataka and the political blackmailing of Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu suggesting to deploy Army through centre are all culpable for not allowing the people of Kaveri basin in Karnataka to store their water. The culpability is equivalet to Crime considering the period of its extension without any transparency and used continuously for political mileage.

 16. The fundamentality of living together in Indian Union is broken by Tamil Nadu by suggesting to deploy ARMY against neighbouring state in Supreme Court of India without being questioned by Judge ; Karnataka which had no need to let stored water flow even in case of compassion as many rivers originate in Tamil Nadu as its tribuataries , gets North East and South West monsoons compared to Karnataka's only South West Monsoon ,houses a huge reservoir at Mettur wihout any water / resource  given back to Karnataka , but has been doing it out of compassion and due to backstabbing by signing off treaties for political mileage of it's most corrupt political parties. Karnataka is at the top of corruption in India most of which is because of lack of freedom to undertake any project. Even now Karnataka has an advocate in Fali Nariman who is not native of Karnataka showing the true nature of Karnataka's secularism and human trust and co-operation.

17. The KRS reservoir dam built keeping evaporation and surface run off in mind given the plateau height is first of its kind built by great visionary - first in most civil Engineering works of India - Mokshgundam Visveswaraiah , is lifeline of millions of people whose life have been in distress for centuries due to severe brain drain on one side and water drain on other side.

18. Even today after 60 years of independence, Chamarajanagar (average elevation 662 m )- the border district which has more than 110 kms of Cauvery River flowing through it is not allowed to use it for irrigation or drinking  due to which the district got jinxed which Chief Ministers avoid to visit in over 2 decades now, has NO RIGHTS ON ITS OWN WATER and arid for most part of the year.

Join me and ask Supreme Court of India  ,Prime Minister of India to apologize to people of Karnataka and convey to Union and President of India , that before people lose faith completely in being with Union of India , abolish Cauvery River Authority , give full control of Kaveri and Rainfall over basin to people of basin in Karnataka and stop violation of human rights and interfering on right to earn livelihood of millions of farmers in basin.

I request all people concerned  with human rights to sign and share this petition.

Picture of Kaveri River (cc license): Courtesy of Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries

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