Ban BARBARIC Animal CrueltyTrades Implement Enforce Animal Protection Law in Africa

Ban BARBARIC Animal CrueltyTrades Implement Enforce Animal Protection Law in Africa

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Global Justice for Greyhounds and All Dogs started this petition to union of chiefs and

Urging all Members of the African Union , Union of Chiefs, African Union Commission, African Union and House of Chiefs to BAN these BARBARIC Animal Cruelty Trades and Implement Enforceable Animal Protection laws within your tribes. We urge to join the global millions of people calling on Governments of all Nations to protect these Animals from harm.

These Animal Cruelty trades are a DEADLY to Animals and Human health. The Dog and Cat Meat Trade Animal Sacrifices Live Animal Markets Wildlife Trade Dog Racing Dog Fighting

These Animal Cruelties are operating across Africa - Nigeria Ghana Niger Burkina Faso Togo Benin  Liberia Guinea, Chad, Sudan  Cameroon Ethiopia Congo Uganda Kenya Democratic Republic of Rwanda, Tanzania Zambia  Zimbabwe Swaziland  South Africa and more African countries.

The BARBARIC Dog and Cat Meat Trade causes Horrific Suffering. Dogs and Cats are loyal companion animals that should be treated with kindness and respect and not brutalised and eaten. The Dogs and Cat Meat Trade are run by Criminals many of these Dogs and Cats have been stolen from families. The Animals are kept in terrible conditions without food or water or veterinary care. The Dogs and Cats are NOT vaccinated Against DEADLY DISEASES. These TERRIFIED Dogs and Cats are TORTURED and Murdered for human consumption.

This is not only BARBARIC but also DEADLY to Human health as TRANSMITTED DISEASES from Animals to Humans such as RABIES CHOLERA EBOLA and a range of other VIRUSES and DEADLY DISEASES DIRECTLY LINKED to CONSUMPTION of Dog and Cat meat. We urge you to BAN the Dog and Cat Meat Trade and PROTECT the Dogs and Cats of your TRIBES and African Countries. The DEMONIC Animal and Dog Sacrifices in Africa have also been linked to the CRIMINAL Barbaric Dog and Cat Meat trade in Africa.

There is Global PROTESTS about the TORTURE and BARBARIC MURDERS of DOGS and other ANIMALS especially at Ogun  and Evala and other similar Animal TORTURE SACRIFICES in Africa.  These Animal Sacrifices are held by the Dog and Cat Meat Traders who have been spreading FALSE PROPAGANDA in order to sell Dog and Cat and Animals meat.

To clear up any misconceptions clearly Animal Sacrifices does NOT appease the deities as the tribes and people of Africa would not be suffering with spread of so many variant of Viruses and DEATHS. It is NOT a Tourist attraction as no person or visitors want to either visit or financially fund through Tourism Tours or purchase goods made in those Areas.

No PERSON wants to witness Animal TORTURE and MURDER. In fact Tourists are boycotting support of tribes or travelling to those areas that are involved in Animal Sacrifices. Like other OUTDATED practices Worldwide in history these BARBARIC Animal Sacrifices must also be ABOLISHED. It is ANIMAL CRUELTY and it will Effect your FINANCIAL and GENERAL SUPPORT SYSTEM for your Tribes and Countries ECONOMY and BUSINESSES NEGATIVELY. Animal Cruelty will NOT be TOLERATED or FINANCIALLY supported. Other Animal Cruelty trade operating in Africa is Greyhound/ dog racing. where Dogs/Greyhounds suffer from Cradle to the Grave as Greyhound/ Dog Racing is inherently CRUEL. It is legal to breed and race Greyhounds in some parts of Africa and there are no animal welfare or rehoming or veterinary care or protection in place for the Greyhounds. Dog/Greyhounds are being callously overbred and abused.

These defenceless Dogs/GREYHOUNDS are being raced to DEATH. and once surplus to requirements are sold to the Barbaric Dog and Cat Meat Trade. Although Greyhound racing has been banned in South Africa it still goes on in ILLEGAL underground racing as the Ban is NOT enforced.Greyhound racing is NOT a sport or tourism and has been recognised as BARBARIC and banned in many countries worldwide including many states in the USA and more recently BRAZIL.

Dog fighting is also another huge Animal welfare problem in Africa as dogs are being bred and brutalised for Dog fighting and hunting. These suffering dogs are starved beaten and kept in horrendous conditions and forced to fight for their lives. This is barbaric and No animals should have to suffer. Dogs which are used for hunting are faced with wild animals and either killed or suffer horrific injuries. Dogs that are injured are left to die with no veterinary care. They are being exploited by these CRIMINAL BARBARIC Animal Cruelty TRADERS. THIS NEEDS TO STOP !! 

Africa also has many Live Animal Markets which are not only HORRIFICALLY CRUEL and FATAL for the Animals but a DEADLY HAZARD for HUMAN HEALTH The Dog and Cat Meat Trade trade Live Animal Markets Wildlife trade are all a breeding ground for COVID19, Viruses Rabies Ebola Swine flu and the potentially a SECOND PANDEMIC. The World Health Organisations have CONFIRMED that these Global Live Animal Markets must be CLOSED as they are at the ROOT of COVID19 and the spread of other FATAL DISEASES

Let’s PROTECT the Amazing Animals and People and Tribes of Africa from these Criminal Animal Cruelty Trades. By Implementing Enforceable Animal Protection laws within your Tribes and Countries.

Incorporating educational programmes into schools about Animal care welfare and protection. Adopting Neuter and release programmes

  • Ban the Dog and Cat Meat Trade
  • Ban Animal Sacrifices
  • Shutdown the Live Animal Markets
  • Ban Dog Racing Ban Dog fighting

There is NO Place for Animal Cruelty in the 21 Century. #CrueltyFreeAfrica #CrueltyFreeTribes #CrueltyfreeTourism

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!