4 June 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by yamuna h

There is excessive unwanted honking by motorists in India. This is gross noise pollution of unbearable standards globally. The reasons for honking in our country are of two broad categories: 


This is done when a vehicle or a person suddenly and unexpectedly comes in the way. 

CATEGORY 2: UNNECESSARY HONKING - This constitutes a large percentage of the honking in our country.

Some people honk because they want exclusive right to use the road.

Some people do not have the patience to wait for the vehicle in front to move once the signal is green although they are several vehicles in front waiting to move one by one.

A surprising number of people think that it is important to honk whenever they see some person or vehicle on the road even if they are not coming in the way.

Pick-up vans often stand in front of the gate and honk repeatedly if somebody runs late.

A large number of people like to honk without a reason! Even on empty roads during the lockdown, they keep honking.

So we see that a very large quantity of honking is unnecessary and is due to people not being aware of several things.

FIRST, honking is not at all necessary IN MOST SITUATIONS.

SECOND, they don't realise that the noise is forced upon people who are working or resting and expect to do them in a calm atmosphere. 

THIRD, they don't really know when horns are to be used.

IT HAS BEEN PROVEN that loud and high pitched noises cause at least one or more or all of the following PROBLEMS to those who are exposed to these noises:

1. MENTAL STRESS due to unpleasant loud noise. Small babies, sick people and the aged are highly affected due to this.

2. HYPERTENSION is caused in those who honk too much. YES, the vehicle drivers who honk unnecessarily are more susceptible to heart attacks.

3. HYPERTENSION is caused in traffic policemen and those exposed to too much of honking noise.

4. The sick are unable to rest and this causes much DISTRESS in their healing process.

5. LOSS OF PEACEFUL AMBIENCE due to honking noise. The noise caused by engines is comparatively very less while that due to honking is extremely high. Residences and businesses that are in places with vehicular movement suffer more due to honking than due to engine noise.


1. There must be a drive by the Ministries of Environment/Health/Police department whereby ALL DRIVERS MUST BE MADE AWARE of the problems that can occur to their own health (hypertension, stress, irritability, mood swings etc.) due to honking and must be DISCOURAGED from honking unnecessarily. 

2. Further, the drivers must be made aware of the problems for the OTHER PEOPLE'S health due to honking and must be made sensitive to that.

3. Honking unnecessarily must be made punishable with SPOT FINE by the local police.

4. In Mumbai, recently a decibel sensitive signal was installed which increased the waiting time if drivers honked when signal changed to green. Such DETERRENTS to honking can be innovatively used across all cities.

5. The Ministry of Environment/Health can instruct Cab services (such as OLA and UBER) and Transport operators (vans, buses, trucks etc.) to sensitize their drivers on honking.

6. The Ministry of Environment horns must ensure that horns are made to certain decibel specifications wherein the pitch and duration of the honking is restricted each time it is activated. 

It muse be added that HONKING IS A BANE to our country's health and image. Most people who come from other countries find it extremely annoying that we use the horn so much and, that too, unnecessarily. It is a sign of our sensitivity and sensibility. 

It is important to take this up as a massive educative campaign across all parts and segments of people in our country till we are able to have relatively calm experiences on the roads. This petition is also a campaign to help reach out to more and more people who can and will help spread this message to their respective governments and police until some concrete steps are taken.





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Signatures: 33Next Goal: 50
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