Withdraw EIA DRAFT 2020

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Earlier this year, in March, the Indian ministry of environment, forests and climate change unveiled the draft environment impact assessment notification 2020 to replace the earlier one. 

Unfortunately, there are more than a few issues with the Draft EIA 2020, making it highly problematic and hazardous.

1) The new draft allows for setting up of projects that violate rules & regulations and operate without environment clearances ( Environmental clearances are clearances given for the building of industries in an ecologically sensitive area). It allows construction of factories mines even in the ecosensetive zones.

2) By increasing the list of project categories exempted from public consultation, our freedom of speech is curbed and the voices of affected communities suppressed. Now one will not get information about  STRATEGIC PROJECTS and cannot question why they are doing so.

3) Even if a project is setup illegally without an environmental clearance, the new EIA draft allows for it to be granted clearance after commencement. This will harm the environment too much and will devastate the fragile ecosystem.More and more incidents like that of Vizag gas leak will take place.

4)The earlier permissible number of 20,000 sq.m projects for the building and construction sector has now rocketed to 150,000 sq.m. now no environment clearance is needed for 50000 sq m of construction.

5) Fragile Coasts and flood defenders like mangroves and shores will be opened up to exploitation for port & industry development, affecting more than 20,000 aquatic fauna. They will also lead to more damage by tsunami s and cyclones as they provide a barrier for flowing water.

6) It dilutes the importance of an environment impact assessment report, which is a report explaining the effects of construction in and on biodiversity hotspots and flora-fauna

7) Reduced time given to local people for reporting the harms of a proposed project to 20 days earlier it was of 30 days.

8) in 100 Km of LAC govt can construct highways and ports without public consent. North East of India is habitat of many unique plants and animals. They will be threatened to extinction due to this.

As you can see, the new draft is will prove to be disastrous for our forests and habitats and have a  huge impacts on Indian biodiversity. It will be used as a gateway by mining and fossil fuel extraction companies to destroy pristine natural habitats without the proper clearances, and still get away with it.

India has more than 1200 species of birds, and 500 species of animals. Going forward with this draft could be a death sentence for our wildlife, a lockdown on the voices of indigenous protectors and environmentalists, and a system which puts profits, over people and planet.

With issues like water scarcity, climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution plaguing India like a virus, its time you choose our forests and wildlife. Its time India chooses its forests.

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I hope ministry of environment will amend this DRAFT...