For safeguard of Distributors & Whole sellers, Trade Council of Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain Management is a bridge between a manufactures and Retailers. While setting up a business to provide logistic and supply chain management services to any large domestic and MNC companies, one had to invest a good money in creating infrastructure and have to invest money for creating a market. Most of time large companies ask distributors and whole sellers to invest a substantial money on verbal promises. Even some time without any written agreement distributors invest money and time.

It has been experienced that these large manufacturers and brand owners takes no time in switching from one distributors to another distributors. Without assigning a valid reason and without providing an opportunity for grievances redressal, these companies changes existing distributors overnight which causes huge infrastructure of existing distributor will become useless.

Since law for business is very limited and many cases transferred to civil cases; time is carrying alot for justice and that too these typical cases are not referred in Law. By the time Distributors (investors) are loosing their money and credibility in financial aspect and even in society.. unable soothe this mistreatment by principals ( MNC, FDI based manufacturing company's).