Justice for children of Nagaland

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We the citizens of Nagaland plead with your esteemed offices to look into this matter as it concerns the future of our children. Teachers have been forced to agitate due to the negligence of the Government of Nagaland. Their taking up this last resort after numerous promises affects the education of our children. They have been forced to take this step for  the following reasons and we plead that you look into it and deliver justice. 

The Government advertised the posts as regular state posts in 2010 & 2013 respectively. And through proper exam and interview, 2000+ teachers were recruited as primary and graduate teacher. Only after the appointment, without their knowledge, they were categorised under CSS flagship programme SSA which resulted in irregular salaries and deprivation from benefits which other state employees were enjoying and so their fight is for something that is legitimate and till today they have been fighting for that. An RTI filled in 2013 states that we are regular state cadres and at par with any other state regular employees. Hence, the teachers are pleading with the government to take ownership of their mistake and justice be meted out to the teachers who have been suffering for so long. The Government admitted that it was a mistake on their part but are still not ready to fulfil the teachers pleas. The teachers, since the time of their inception have been continuously requesting the Government to look into the matter. But besides verbal assurances, the Government has not been able to do much in action and hence, the agitation. The demand is not just about pending salaries anymore. It's about all those other benefits that are due for them as regular state employees. It's about all that are rightfully theirs but have denied for all these years. Though deeply concerned about the students welfare and the children suffering due to the tussle between teachers and the government. They also have to think about their security, their families and their own children. When they are emotionally and mentally abused by the Government to this extent, it becomes extremely difficult for them to carry out their duties as expected.

Thanks for all the support and I request all the right thinking citizens to show your solidarity towards us Nagas