Recognise "ACUPUNCTURE" as Independent Medical System in India

Recognise "ACUPUNCTURE" as Independent Medical System in India

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 Even after 70 years of independence “Health For All” remains out of reach for many in India. Effective Health care with low cost and no side effect will be an ideal system for India where major population of India cannot afford  high cost Health Care.  “Make in India” is promoted by Indian Govt. to improve industrial sector in India. Why not to promote health with medical systems born in India.

 “Acupuncture” is one such System which needs attention by Indian Govt. and policy makers. Acupuncture was widely popular in Indian Sub continent in ancient times as “Suchiveda Chikitcha”. In traditional Indian text “Acupuncture” has been referred with different names.

 In modern India “Acupuncture” has been revived and reintroduced by Dr.B.K.Basu and other stalwarts from 1959.. Acupuncture Science Assosiation  ( ASA ) , Indian Academy of Acupuncture Science , National co ordination Committee ( NCC )  and many renowned organisations are working towards development of Acupuncture Science in India . At First “Acupuncture System” was introduced in the State of West Bengal in 1996. Later very recently Maharashtra Acupuncture System of Therapy Act is introduced in 2017.

      As per WHO’s recent document “ WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy 2014-2023, 103 countries have recognized “Acupuncture” as an independent System of Medicine.(Only India is deprived of the system which was originated in India ). As per recent statistics   “ Acupuncture “  is the largest growing Medical System in the world, next to Allopathy. WHO has also published definite training guide lines for  “ Acupuncture “.

     In India, leading Govt. bodies like ICMR, DST, DIT, DRDO, CCRYN etc. have already funded for different research projects on Acupuncture - its  comparative efficacy, diagnosis etc. and  reports are satisfactory. In many Govt. and Non-Govt. medical institutions throughout the country, Acupuncture is practiced since more than 5 decades.

      As per the demand of different acupuncture organizations, institutions and individuals, Govt. of India through its administrative order of 2003, has partially allowed to continue acupuncture as 'Mode of Therapy' and to be practiced only by qualified physicians and appropriately trained persons. But unfortunately the order allowed only certificate courses to run for medical graduates and stopped all the degree & diploma courses on acupuncture which is the main reason for insufficient development of acupuncture work force in India especially after 2003.

 Though very late, fortunately Govt. of India invited proposals in February 2017 for recognition of new system of medicine. Major acupuncture associations and institutions, have submitted a detailed document with all the necessary enclosures to the Health Research Desk under Ministry of Health and Family Welfare  Govt. of  India in March 2017 demanding full-fledged independent recognition to acupuncture system of medicine and its practitioners. But it is noted that Govt. is under pressure and want to bring "Acupuncture" under BNYS and not as an independent system.

 We all acupuncture practitioners, demand recognition of “ACUPUNCTURE THERAPY” as independent system of medicine under AYUSH for following reasons, and shall not be clubbed with any other systems.

 1.     There are around one lakh or more passionate acupuncturists are practicing in India taken up acupuncture as their bread and butter. Their livelihood has to be taken care of.

 2.      All over world Acupuncture is practiced as an independent system and any body who is taking Acupuncture degree in India in future should be able to practice anywhere in the world .

 3.      Indians should be benefitted from this effective low cost therapy which will help crores of underprivileged families. Why only costly allopathic medicines and investigations have to be prescribed to burden Indians.

 4.     Government is spending crores of money in health sector, and the spending can be reduced by adapting to this low cost therapy.

 5.     Most of the senior citizens are suffering from the side effect of Allopathic medicines, where government is incurring huge expenditure which can be restricted by resorting to this no side effect therapy.

 6.      While 103 countries have been benefitted from this therapy, why our countrymen should be deprived of such benefits.

 7.     The Basic principles & Philosophy, aetiology, pathogenesis, differential diagnosis , treatment, Management ,prevention of chronic & acute ailments, treatment devices and methodology are completely different from any existing Medical Systems

 8.     “Acupuncture” is more than 4000 years old traditional Therapy , having enough subjects , applications and practice  which can not be completed in less than 4.5 years .Combining this with BNYS or any other existing  Medical System would only dilute the effectiveness of both Systems.

             Hence, I as an Acupuncturist, request the respected policy makers and noble hearts who are concerned with the health of our countrymen to ensure that “ACUPUNCTURE” shall be recognized as an “ INDEPENDENT SYSTEM OF MEDICINE “ under AYUSH and not under or clubbed with “Naturopathy”




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