Fair Deal: IATSE Basic Agreement 2018

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We, the undersigned members of IATSE, stand united in pursuit of a strong Basic Agreement that protects our safety, safeguards our livelihoods, and secures our ability to retire with dignity after the completion of our careers. We want the AMPTP to know we fully stand behind the leadership of our International and the leadership of our locals in their insistence upon a contract that:

  • Ensures our health and safety by providing for 10-hour rest periods between a day’s wrap and the next day’s call time, so that fatigued crew members aren’t endangering themselves or others;
  • Guarantees the future sustainability of our pension and health plans by providing residuals for new media projects, like those residuals the AMPTP has already agreed to for members of SAG-AFTRA, the WGA, and the DGA;
  • Extends industry-standard pay and working conditions to low budget new media projects that currently have no contractual requirements for wages and conditions;
  • Maintains the 10% pension increase won in the 2015 contract;
  • Increases hourly benefit contributions for all employers, including major studios, rather than shifting costs to small member-owned companies and other independent employers;
  • Preserves the ability of crews to decide when to exchange mandatory lunch breaks for “French hours” and shorter workdays; and
  • Increases pay to keep pace with increases in the cost of living.

At a time of upheaval in our industry, we know that these objectives are critical to upholding our quality of life and the dignity of our crafts. Our union leadership has our steadfast solidarity and our unconditional support as they push for a Basic Agreement that achieves these goals.