To have 812 Joe Vitta Resign for Sexual Harrassment & Crimes Against Single Mom Employee

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Shouldn't the Majority of Teamsters Demand that Secretary Treasurer of Local 812 Joseph Vitta step down for his Sexual Harassment of a female employee?

Should employers like Pepsi, Coke, Anheuser Busch do business with a Sexual Predator in the Teamsters Union?

Why is the Teamster Union allowing Secretary Treasurer Joe Vitta. Why did President Ed Weber not investigate and allowed to cover this Sexual Harassment against a female employee?

Why is it that Carey Kane Attorney's Walter Kane, Sue Bruno and Tara Jensen are allowed to cover up these horrendous crimes & harrassment against a single mom that turned away Joe Vitta's Sexual Advances with Union money from Dues? Isn't the employee the victim?, Joe Vitta is the Sexual Predator.

Apparently, this victim is not the only one. Others are starting to come forward since this has happened before. Joe Vittas drinking problem coming into play as well. (convicted drunk driver).

All Teamsters who condone this need to be called out. There were No investigations, No accountability of these leaders actions, not to mention all ignored after multiple complaints. 

But with your help and signatures this will not happen pr be ignored to much longer.

This will be a nationwide petition with letters to politicians and other influential Sexual Harassment Attorneys calling for their help for the full resignation.  

This as well as a total boycott or firing of Carey Kane Law Firm who claim to protect those who are Sexually Harrassed. A law firm that promotes to protect victims but instead covers up for criminals.

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Grow this petition so  politicians and Teamster leaders will make sure this injustice amd harassment of a single mom who did nothing wrong be exposed. 

Lets see what the truth is, lets see who really will defend the rights of employees and single moms amd women who were sexually harrassed by a convicted liar and drunk driver like Joe Vitta.

As well as 812 President Ed Weber who allowed it to happen even being recorded telling the "sexually harrassed female employee to just quit"

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