Cancel The Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016

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The union cabinet is all set to table the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 in the Loksabha this winter session of the house, on passing of which illegal immigrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh will get Indian citizenship hampering the geographical demography of the northeast India, specially Assam. We, the people of Assam stongly oppose the bill and urge the union govt to cancel the bill.

We, the people of Assam consider the bill a major threat to the communal harmony of the state and also it's language and culture. We have, many a time, requested the govt not to table the bill, but now we feel it's the high time to rebel. We will rebel and rebel so hard which you've never experienced before.

So, we prepare this petition with the signatures of tens of thousands of assamese people and demand the cancellation of the bill. Otherwise, the situation of the state will slowly but surely be out of control and general people will not be responsible for any untoward mishap.

The people of Assam are also not satisfied with the role of the state govt and urge the chief minister to take a strong stand and try to convince the prime minister and the home minister about the sentiment of the people of Assam.