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Legalize Euthanasia for Terminally ill Human beings in India

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This is a petition for changing the Euthanasia laws for Humans in India. It has been a long pending issue sometimes files changing hands in Ministries and sometimes in court. It has been years and nothing moves and the illogical reasoning behind not approving this is sometimes humane and sometimes misuse of the law. Many countries have approved this and the recent example is Canada. Now yesterday there was a news in Times of India at…/articlesh…/50061535.cms? This is documented as the first Euthanasia for animals allowed in India. All the logic and explanation valid here should be valid for humans as well. Why Bear is an animal and human is not an animal?? Do humans don't suffer pain?? There are many parallel cases in human arena where in if the person is euthanized then there will be an end to the family and sufferers misery. It’s the duty of the society and the people sitting at decisive places to look into this and not put this in cold storage. Atleast first the laws for passive Euthanasia should be looked into seriously by a dedicated board and it should be allowed for Terminally ill patients whose family members have no issues  and the patient is also in a condition to say ‘yes’ for Euthanasia procedure. There have been extensive discussions in the honorable Supreme Court of India and I read the arguments in the ruling copy present at the link Euthanasia in India should be looked into as Dying with Dignity if not Right to Die. After many discussions the ruling gets stuck between what’s Right to live and religious beliefs. But any explanation does not curtail the sufferings of the person with terminally illness with no future. In Shaunbaugs case she was not in a condition to ask for death but there are many who can think and speak under no pressure. It’s a virtue of kindness to grant death to people whose suffering is unending and also technically a burden on almost everything Only those families who are capable of enduring the suffering are free at will to decide but patients will should be supreme. Many people put petitions to Honorable President of India and in SC for Death wish but requests are rejected due to lack of laws. In Jain community, “Santhara” is practiced to end suffering. Yesterday an Animal, as stated above, was allowed to Euthanized for the first time in India so its high time to give respect to the people who are suffering and let them die with dignity. Lets all support this movement and act as facilitators and not be a roadblock to this. Lets all voice our strength in support of this petition.

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