Save Doctors stop the National Medical Commison Bill

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The recent decision to replace the Medical Council of India  and replace it with a National Medical Commision is on the face of it a good step considering the irregularities present in the Medical Council

However  the National Medical Commision  Bill has a lot of major lacunae which need correction 

Firstly according to the new Bill any medical graduate has to clear  the exit exam if he wishes to go for post graduation .This is apparently being done to ensure quality and uniformity of syllabi .If he doesnt wish to go for post graduation can he practise. Also if  he  is unable to clear the exam for say 1 or 2 years what is he expected to do .Will any hospital or nursing home or Govt accept him .Clarity is needed on this

Secondly any medical college can start a post graduate course  if it has got permission for undergraduate courses even without the necessary infrastructure  .Also colleges are at will to increase the numbet if seats as they wish.This will lead to utter chaos  and lack of properly trained post graduates .This too should be scrapped

Thirdly and most importantly   practitioners from indigeneous streams of medicine like Ayurveda will be allowed to  practise allopathy if they do a Bridge course in allopathy.This effectively is a legal nod to quackery  and will result in massive number of medical complications  and deaths which will definitely slur the already fragile health  of the Indian health System

While we have nothing with AYUSH practitoners doing their work in their respective areas what is being objected to is  the bridge course allowng them to do allopathy This part of the bill should be thoroughly scrapped.

Taken alongwith the  firstpoint an MBBS graduate had to clear an Exit exam  before he can do anything while an AYUSH Practioner has just got to do this Bridge course to do allopathy.This is complete  injustice.

Therefore we demand that the concerned clauses in the National Medical Commision bill be removed