Ban "private practice" of and start "Medical Transcription for govt medical professionals.

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Huzaifa Qadri started this petition to Union Health Minister and honorable Prime Minister of India and

Health care professional in Indian Hospitals are infamous for abandoning their duties to see patients in a private healthcare clinics and this practically happens even in the age of biometric-attendance system. As a result, patients suffer a lot and are forced to fix private appointments with the healthcare professionals. The private health clinics are purely meant for business and looting the patients in the name of unnecessary health-tests for which the doctors are paid commission. Tyranny of the clinics is so great that a pregnant lady is forced to go for operation to deliver her baby although she can have a normal delivery and it is done just to extract huge fees of the operation and the corresponding medical care. As such, government of India must pass an ordinance to completely ban private practice by government healthcare professionals and terminate those who defy the order.

Moreover, medical practitioners are always reluctant to make a thorough check-up of their patients. They just prescribe medication by posing a few questions about the patient’s health. They don’t bother about the medical history or proper diagnosis about the health condition of a patient. Even while prescribing medications, they don’t bother about the side effects of the medication on the patient and don’t care to tell the patient about the necessary precautions to be taken. Most of the patients have to change their doctor just because there was no improvement in their health due to lethargic nature of the doctor. Doctors play with the health and lives of their patients simply because they don’t have any strict accountability and due to lack of surveillance system. This has put the health and lives of patients in India at stake. Therefore, government of India must make it mandatory to keep record of every doctor-patient meeting, the tests being suggested, the prescription being issued and the feedback of the patients about the hospital/ clinic and the doctor. Moreover, Medical transcription must also be made mandatory in all governmental as well as private hospitals / clinics.

To sum up the following innovations ought to be brought to the healthcare system in India:

1) Ban private practice of medical professionals working in government hospitals or healthcare centres.

2) Start CCTV surveillance system in doctor’s room.

3) Make it mandatory to keep record of every doctor-patient meeting and interaction.

4) Start medical transcription for all governmental and private hospitals and health clinics in India.

5) Make it mandatory to provide computerized prescriptions to patients as the handwriting of doctors is beyond comprehension.

6) Regulate the appointment fees, and charges for medical tests, surgeries, operations, etc. in private clinics.

7) Start patient complaint cum feedback system and make the medical professionals accountable for it.

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At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!