Lack of transparency wrt to cost of children vaccination in India

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As a mother of an infant, i am shocked at the sad state of affairs when it comes to vaccination costs in India. There is absolutely no transparency in majority private sector hospitals and parents of new borns are charged double or triple the actual vaccination cost.

The doctors charge parents a lump sum which includes consultation charges and at times double or triple the vaccination cost. Mentioned below are some of the ways patients are made to pay an additional amount

1) The same vaccination is available in multiple brands and the doctor mentions he has the brand which is the most expensive of all the brands. The availability of cheaper brands is not present. 

2) As a parent after being duped twice, when i offered to buy vaccination myself from a pharmacy, was told by the doctor it is a sensitive vaccination (packed with ice cubes), and can go bad if not stored properly. Hence, they do not allow vaccinations to be bought individually even by the pharmacy of their own hospital.

3) By nurses of three different hospitals was told that consultation is mandatory before applying any vaccination, even if doctor has prescribed vaccination a few days back. The consultation itself was INR 1200 in a private Delhi NCR hospital.

4) Most doctors refuse to give breakup of vaccination cost, application cost and consultation cost even if requested upfront.

The medical experts these days are taking advantage of the care that parents hold when it comes to healthcare of their children. Child vaccinations have been made a profitable business to milk money from parents. The list of mandatory and optional vaccinations in India is long, which continues from birth uptil 16 years of age. 

Request Honorable JP Nadda, Union health and family welfare minister to make it mandatory for hospitals to be open about vaccinations available from different brands, the respective costs and make it illegal for them to charge parents extra on these medicines particularly.