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The global proliferation of electronic weapons, through spy and self-protection gadgets in stores and online stores facilitating their availability to anyone, anywhere, anytime, drives violence escalation.

The convergence between electronic weapons and the spread of transnational criminal networks reinforce one another bringing unspeakable suffering to thousands of innocent and vulnerable people around the world every year. 

Imagine thousands of people all over the world, me included, not feeling safe anymore. Our house should be our nest, the place where we feel secure and safe. But it is not anymore. When we go home, our conversations, what we do is under surveillance. When we want to cook, take our medicines or go to our bed to rest, we are attacked with electronic weapons. our sleep deprived. our health in danger. there is no safety. no security. no privacy. anymore in our lives.

Electronic Weapons systems employ radio, radar, infrared, optical, ultraviolet, electro-optical, and laser technologies such as the following advertised in an easily accessible online store:

1.     Ultrasonic Pain Field Guns and Generators ‘that can produce very uncomfortable and intimidating effects’. Also according to this website ‘these can range from debilitating and incapacitating, to enervating fear and threatening, to sickening nausea and nerve racking paranoia…all without physical contact!’;

2.     Sonic Nausea Device ‘Easily-hidden circuit produces a very annoying sonic wave that people feel, yet do not hear, and cannot tolerate! Acoustic wave shape makes the source hard to locate.’;

3.     Long Range Ultrasound Pain Field Guns with Higher Power Output to access victims at long distance;

4.     Night Vision devices ‘for walking and movement, for distance viewing, thermal detection units’,…

5.     Etc.

Electronic weapons are used by gang stalkers to harass innocent vulnerable civilians, normally women, disabled, people living with chronicle diseases, LGBTI,…More and more people victims of gang stalking & electronic harassment, all over the all, are sharing the same symptoms: extreme unnatural inability to sleep, or sudden forced awakening at precisely the same time in the middle of the night, for months; or forced inducement of sleep; extreme fatigue; electric shocks; wildly racing heart without any cause; sudden overheating, without any cause/ body feeling as if it is being cooked; sensation of paralysation; vibration of body parts when trying to sleep; artificial tinnitus; manipulation of movements/ Narcoleptic reactions; sensitivity to sound; depression; loss of memory; night sweats without reason; feeling the body as if electrified; difficulty in swallowing;  blurred eye sight; Mild pressure in the head, a cloudy feeling; Increased need to urinate during the night; facial wrinkles; hair breaks and loss; heating of body; and in advanced stages - Loss of coordination; Damage to eyesight; Atrophy of the muscles; Heart valve damage; Loss of weight and/or weight gain; Nausea; Sensitivity to sound; Decreased dexterity; Seizure; Choking; Vivid dreams; Lost time (Alzheimer type symptoms) and loss of memory; Mood swings; Apathy; Lethargy or hyperactivity till the last stage Heart attacks; Stroke; Syndromes; Disease; Insanity and Death

Electronic and electromagnetic weapons used to torture or inflict either cruel, inhuman or degrading suffering represent a human rights violation.

Electronic and electromagnetic weapons used to violate privacy represents a constitution and a human rights violation.

But often our complaints, as victims of gang stalking and electronic harassment, are ignored by the police or decision makers leaving victims completely unprotected and vulnerable. Some in despair commit suicide.

Most of you, like I was once, are blessed every day to have safety/security and privacy in life and homes, and that shouldn’t be the exception. Now is time for us to join our voices and make a change for all of those suffering from torture inflicted by electronic weapons and gang stalking around the world.

Stand with us and ask the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, and its partners to lead the way for the prohibition, non-proliferation and apprehension of electronic weapons in a global multidisciplinary and comprehensive effort; to all governments to impose and enforce the necessary restrictions on the use and production of such devices/equipment and to include criminal legislation regarding gang stalking but most of all to use all means to protect and ensure safety for all victims of this crime.


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