Protect our Children!

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I believe if the American people are forced to send our precious children into an unsafe environment, and its been proven too many times they are not safe, the public school system, then our government and schools should be made to protect them! 

We have armed guards to protect our president, movie stars, kings, queens, millionaires , but the most vulnerable innocent citizens are being forced to attend school and too many times,  they never make it home!

These are our precious children, they are young and innocent, and losing there lives everyday while trying to get an education!!! Its wrong and it needs to change or else parents need to step up and be the voice and refuse to send there babies to a place where there's none to protect them!

There's homeless veterans, retired police officers,and countless others who could and I believe would be willing to protect our youth! We as parents , grandparents, concerned citizens need to stand up and say its time for change, its time to protect our most vulnerable citizens!

The school and grounds should be protected by guards , trained dogs, metal detectors, whatever means necessary to ensure our children's safety! 

We are losing our children daily to senseless violence and it could all be prevented if parents take a stand and say no more, no more lives lost, no more sending our children where there lives are not as valuable as anybody else's in this world!!!

Step up America and let your voice be heard! Save our Children!


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