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Uninjured Girls supporting HPV Injured Girls

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We are friends of girls who have become chronically ill after getting the HPV vaccine. We are concerned because, instead of being helped by the HSE, these girls and their families have been labelled ’scaremongers’ who are spreading ‘false information’ – and worse ‘emotional terrorists’ by the head of the HSE, who is supposed to be concerned for their welfare.

We know our friends concerns to be genuine and do not agree that it is right to call them names and victim-blame when they need support. We are also concerned to see the Irish Cancer Society heavily promoting this vaccine without dealing with the issue of informed consent, and now a large number of prominent organisations in Ireland have joined through the HPV Vaccine Alliance to further attempt to discredit genuinely sick teens.

Our demands:

1.       An explanation as to why the manufacturer Patient Information Leaflet ( is not supplied to parents, even though it expressly states that it should be read in full;

2.       An apology to our friends and their families for calling them names;

3.       That the name-calling tactics as you have employed – which we are taught in school is called bullying – should cease and be replaced with respectful conversation from now on. We know this name-calling and victim-blaming to be having a negative impact on our sick friends mentally and emotionally, and leads to further abuse on social media by, among others, professional people supposedly concerned with the welfare of others. This has to stop;

4.       A proper investigation needs to be launched into what has happened to these girls in the aftermath of the vaccine, as a collective group.

This will be delivered to Dail Eireann and the HSE Head Office.

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