Unincorporate Volente!!!

Unincorporate Volente!!!

60 have signed. Let’s get to 100!

Why this petition matters

Started by Free Volente

In 2003, the Village of Volente was incorporated as a Texas General Rule "B" municipality. When incorporated, the plan was noble to work together to protect our two-mile paradise on Lake Travis. Our goal, as a government, was to control and influence commercial, industrial and utility development. We have made amazing progress in protecting our country village, and family way of life, but as the village matured it is outlived the need for a village government. 

Below are 7 reasons to disband the village government. 

1.     All major external threats have been eliminated. Mayor Springer and Thost were successful in mitigating the threat from a >300 home development above Volente, and Mayor Thost successfully negotiated a contractual agreement with the BCRUA. Thereby eliminating the 2 main threats to the village. 

2.     Double taxation for law enforcement and other services. The village residents pay 10s of thousands of dollars per year for off-duty Travis County Sheriff’s deputies and their cars. Sadly, these deputies cannot enforce our ordinances, and while their presence is appreciated, it is a double tax for the law enforcement we pay for in our property taxes. 

3.     No road repair for +5-years. Although the Village has set aside nearly $400,000 they have not lived up to its obligation to maintain our roads and signage for over 5-years. Moreover, with the hiring of a “road czar”, he was successfully able to get Travis County to put Volente onto the schedule for road repair. Why wouldn’t we just dissolve the village and allow Travis County to maintain our roads and signage? Again, double taxation for something the county should do anyways. 

4.     Ambiguous and overlapping local ordinances. Over the years, Volente’s unclear ordinances have made it difficult for property owners to develop and make full use of their property – many have abandoned their projects. With the difficult administrative process for approval, employee turnover, and selective enforcement within the village, it’s time to disband and let professionals help our citizens.

5.     More money for our First Responders. By dissolving the Village, our fire department will be eligible to receive an extra 2% in tax funds. 

6.     We’ve lost our lease. In a recent city council meeting, Mayor Thost mentioned that after a few months they had to move again. Sadly, the old office is no longer available, and the fire station is beginning renovations. Disincorporation eliminates the need to have an office, staff, infrastructure, etc. As taxpayers, we spent nearly $450,000 in 2021 to manage and run a single office with 2 employees, contractors, and a group of volunteers (even though most interactions were remote).  

7.     No Fear of Annexation. Recent changes to the Texas statute require a 2/3 majority vote of residents to be annexed. If we are unincorporated, we do have to fear being annexed by any of our neighbors.

The Village provides NO services. Fire, EMS, and Police are all supported by Travis County. No utilities, water, or any tangible services other than bootneck control over its citizens. Is this reasonable or acceptable as a taxpayer?! Again, why are we incorporated? Double Taxation.

Texas Municipal Code 62.002 states

"If the municipality has less than 400 qualified voters and has no municipal debt and does not provide services that would be otherwise provided by the county, the petition must be signed by at least one-fourth of the qualified voters in the municipality."

We are well on the way! This Village provides NO services and does nothing for the quality of life of its citizens. PLEASE sign our petition and Free Volente!

60 have signed. Let’s get to 100!