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Dear UNIMY Management
Maybe the students got the mud from travelling from P16. For drivers who park at P16 and students who study at P16 and walk back while not waiting for the bus.

To those concerned, Parking is still a problem, after Student Convention #3, we still have not heard news about Parking in Alamanda for student price. 

Averagely, per week of lecture hours are 16 hours. Not including the in-between class gap times. Give it that time "in-between classes" for a week is an extra 4 hours (which is so much less than what it is). Then let's say students park for 20 hours in Alamanda for a week, in a month that's nearly RM80. 

Allowance Tier 1 = RM430

Rental = MV (RM375 cheapest) // The Arc (RM275 with industrial utilities charges)

Balance for the month is RM115 (the arc hostel). UNIMY doesn't have a proper cafeteria but thanks to the food provider, cheapest for a decent lunch is RM6. Eat 5 times a week, 4 weeks a month, RM6 x 5 times x 4weeks = RM120. Theoretically, this student here will not afford to eat 1 lunch in a month in campus. Not to mention, if a student is from outstation, Sat and Sun can cook for themselves but can't afford groceries. 

Plus, Maggi Mee is priced at RM3. Which is RM0.30 more expensive than 7-eleven. And the seller isn't even being charged monthly rental. So, my proposed solution here, either UNIMY management help arrange the parking for students, or Buy more mats to avoid "mud and sand" in campus due to a natural weather phenomenon called "rain". 

So, common sense to me, as a student, is to financially plan my journey and food expenses because not everyone does part time jobs and not to mention, first semester students ONLY get their allowance after the semester ends. Scholarships are given to aid the needy, and in times of neediness, we try to keep the campus "mud and sand"-free by washing our shoes but gets scolded because dirt is found in the toilet.

For students studying in P16, correct me if I'm wrong, there's no wifi and its not our campus. Students have the rights to walk back to UNIMY, or uber but then again we can't even afford groceries. Again, thanks for the extra trips provided with Bus, but the bus doesn't take students right at the doorsteps. Students still have to walk through muddy floor.

For this case, UNIMY Management, please provide a solution and some constructive criticism that we can all work on. Thanks. 


A student who is losing hope in where she once found it.

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