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Unilever conducts cruel and painful animal tests for most of their products, please sing to help stop them from testing on animals. 


Unilever owns the following brands:





-St. Ives









-Country Crock


Letter to
Unilever (USA)
Unilever (China)
Unilever (Canada)
and 2 others
I recently became aware that your company conducted animal tests for some of your brand names, such as Suave. The thought of this overwhelms me and I am contacting you to request that you end your animal tests. It has been proven that animal testing is ineffective because there is enough information on record and animals are not sufficient substitutes for humans when testing products. Also, animal testing requires animals to be inside of small cage labs, which is very cruel and depressing for animals.

Thank you for taking the time to read this e-mail, please consider our requests.

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