Marmite & Unilever should not exploit Pride for their profitable gains

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In 'celebration' of Pride, Marmite has decided to give 25p per limited edition Rainbow jar of 250g Marmite to LGBT charity, Stonewall. 

How wonderful you may say. This is NOT wonderful.

The “original” Marmite at 250g is currently £2.50 in Sainsbury’s. This jar is £5.50 - the difference is a rainbow flag.

When reading the small print, it states Marmite will give a maximum donation of £5,000 to the charity. This means they only have to sell just over 1,600 jars of Marmite to achieve a free donation and gain normal profits. Do bear in mind that 50 MILLION jars of Marmite are sold annually and Unilever (who own marmite) had a revenue of $62 BILLION in 2017. Methinks £5,000 is small change to these bad boys.

This exploitation of those who fought for the right to be proud of who they are and the struggles they had to overcome is not acceptable. In addition, it exploits those who think they are helping a worthy cause as their "donation" comes with hidden small print.

The jar comes with the slogan "Spread Love".

Spread love? Behave yourself Marmite. You’re spreading profits.

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