I don't want my vagina to smell like a flower garden.

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Please join me in petitioning P&G and Unilever, the biggest manufacturers of sanitary napkins who have now started selling scented pads so that your “vagina” is odour free. This, to me is problematic on three counts –


1. Assuming that my vagina stinks - As a woman, we are brought up to live up to unreasonable standards of beauty and health. From the way our bodies should be shaped, to the colour of our skin. Now the industry also wants to dictate how our vaginas should smell?  We are masking every natural odour with powders, perfumes and deodorants. But doing that to this intimate region is ridiculous and dangerous.  


2. Disturbing the chemistry of the vagina - Normally, the pH of the vagina is below 4.7, meaning it’s naturally on the acidic side of the scale. Having your period – menstrual blood has a pH of 7.4 – alters the pH of the vagina, which can change it’s scent. Using scents to frantically deodorize the vagina can interfere with this natural pH balance. As much as you might wish it to be true, vaginas aren’t supposed to smell like a flower garden. Basically when you put scented things in your vagina, you kill the good bacteria that's in there and then the bad bacteria overgrows.  Companies market them because of women's insecurities. 


3. Causing yeast infections and UTIs - All commercial sanitary pads like Whisper and Stayfree can cause yeast infections and UTI's - this is because they prevent air-flow making your genitals warm and moist, also they contain various chemicals, bleach, preservatives and toxins (including dioxin) that effect vaginal pH so in turn effecting bacteria and yeast.  The 'scented' part basically means there's AT LEAST an additional 100 chemicals within those pads - that means more chemicals to cause allergic reaction, irritation or effect vaginal pH and flora which in turn means greater risk of vaginal infections. Obviously ingredients aren't listed on the pack so we also have no idea of what additional risks individual chemicals may pose to health.


Let us not give companies another reason to tell us we are incomplete without the perfect hair, skin, body and scent!


Thank you for your support in doing something real for women!