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Hello, I have been informed that the previous paragraph had a variety of errors and gaps in the information and layout. 

So upon the date of the 10th of May 2016 there was 3 girls pulled out of class for wearing jeans as I am aware of ,within my year group. The language used towards the girls choice of uniform was somewhat abrasive as they came back feeling self conscious and striped of there inner confidence due to the fact of both the language and the fact that they could possibly named around 20 others who a were also wearing jeans that day including me,and that they had been singled out. It has also been said that boys are also wearing jeans and that skirt they are getting away with wearing them as some of the girls are seemingly being punished because they are wearing something that may not be allowed but so many other people have got away with and not much action seemed to be taking place until last wesdnesday.

Another persons opinion is that when we wear skirts they are too short and that the school may fire back saying that they provide the official skirts locally . Yet, the skirts provided are often to short and do not come close to the knee as the skirts are fitted around the waists and it does not seem to focus on a length; there is a shorter and a longer style of skirt provided at the shop and the shortest skirt seems too short to go to school in . A source said that she does not feel comfortable wearing skirts because she is thinking that her skirt may get looked up when she walks up the stairs.

Also, when us girls wear trousers it has been mentioned to me that others  would make jokes and harsh comments about the pupils choice of clothing. I believe whatever the size of the comment it can do damage to your self esteem. 

It has come to my attention that the uniform is also very expensive from the school wear shop and that the skirts and trousers can often range from roughly £9.00-£20.00 depending on what you buy and most students will come to the school for at least 5 years and the costs stack up over time. So parents will often go for cheaper options of what is avaible but it's difficult to find a similar style skirt that will be allowed in school.

I propose that we stay to the correct uniform but provide more easy to find comfortable clothing that bides to the rules. For trousers full black; perhaps not specifically jean material neither 100% skin tight but if you feel comfortable within your place of education you are more likely to achieve because you are in a comfortable and safe situation. 

This is purely opinion personally I am not trying to offend anyone.

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