Stop Unifor from using our union dues to take away our Gun Rights

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This petition is to let Unifor Canada our local unifors know that we do not support our union dues being spent on lobbying to get our gun rights taken away. Supporting this farce of creating gun laws that will make no change and wasting our union dues and tax payer dollars on this,  is disgusting and despicable. We did not under any circumstances agree to have our union dues spent on this. We would like the president Jerry Diaz to make a formal apology to the members this affected at once. We also wish that he stop this activity and stop the use of our union dues for this clear,  blatant  attack  and disregard for gun owning members of unifor and the country. We do not approve of our contributions to the union to be used this way and we demand and apology. 

You have shown your true colours and I hope many members send emails Twitter's Facebook's and phone calls to Jerry Diaz and the board members and let them know we will not stand for this violation of our rights. Esspecislly from the people who are supposed to stand up for the little people and be our voice. Your no better then the big business who takes away our labour rights. You disgust us with this latest action and you should be ashamed of yourselves for cheering on the fact that a dictator just stole our privileges without any due process. If this were regarding the conservatives taking away some kind of labour right with one swift flick of a pen you would be all over it saying how their dictators and we need to fight for our rights but because it's the Liberals your all for it and even supported it with our funds. Once again we demand you stop using our dues for this at once and apologise to the members it affected.