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As an advocate for a sex-positive lifestyle, sexual wellness brand LELO is all for sexting as it liberates even the shiest of us and allows us to express things we might not say face to face to another person. There is nothing like the right emoji or combo of emojis to elevate "wyd" to "come-hither."

Those engaging in sexting have to use many substitutes. Certain emojis are famous for their double entendres. They're a fun way to get flirty without necessarily having to start up a full-on sexting session. But, with hundreds of pictograms/emojis already in existence, there is no single one dedicated directly to depicting sex/erotica. And as 2020 brought on an entirely new way of living, working, and interacting, the way we think about sex and communicate about it should also change. With our lives being mainly online, more so than ever before, we believe it is essential to have a pictogram for sex and stop hiding behind the more acceptable portrayals - i.e. various fruits and vegetables.

In light of this, LELO wants to apply to Unicode to introduce the first official sex emoji. As emojis are an integral part of how people connect, LELO believes that the creation of such an emoji will usher in a new era of communication, further break the stigma surrounding sex online and help even more people be more satisfied with their sex life.