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Where is our $AUD Emoji?

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The way we talk has changed. No longer do we speak in long-winded, Shakespearean diatribes, or send each other carrier pigeons by candle-light. Through our adoption of technology, we've hacked the lexicon, prompting those who came before us to LOL at concepts like #YOLO, #fail, and above all, #goals.

We've come so far now that we're almost full circle. Just like Egyptian hieroglyphics, we now communicate through imagery - welcome to the age of the Emoji.

At Greater Bank, we're also conscious that change is coming to our world. The way our customers pay each other, structure their finances, and how well they expect us to know them is changing. With this in mind, our thinking turned to the fact that millions of Australians are talking about money every day, but are using the wrong emoji. Sure, if you're texting and you want to signify that you're making it rain, or that you have #stacksonstacks, go ahead and use the US Dollar Emoji, or the Yen, or the Euro, or the Pound.

We just feel you deserve better, Australia. That's why we're petitioning the Unicode Emoji Consortium to include an Australian Dollar Emoji, for use on all smartphone devices.

Reckon it's about time we put the humble pineapple ($50 note) on the world stage? Join us.

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