We want a Romani Flag Emoji!

We want a Romani Flag Emoji!

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Romani people are the largest ethnic minority group in Europe. We have gifted Europe with our cultural heritage, language, art and music. We have produced or influenced some of the continent’s finest composers, dancers, actors and artists, and today we are an integral part of the vibrant tapestry of cultures that make up modern-day Europe.

We want to be able to celebrate our distinct culture in the digital world as well as the physical. We want a Roma Flag emoji to be approved by the Unicode Consortium and made available on all platforms and devices.

Like the LGBT Rainbow flag, our flag is not representative of a country but of a group of peoples. We are spread across the world and have many different cultures and communities but are united by our ancestral origin, our solidarity, our Romanipe.

We will create an emoji design and a proposal to be considered by the Unicode Consortium. But we also need Roma everywhere to show that we want our flag to be represented.

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E Roma sine e naj-bari ćelorrikani grupa and-i Europa. Amen diam e Evropaqe amare kulturaqo palmuklipe, ćhib, dombipe thaj muzika. Butărăm muzikate, ja kerăm influènca opral naj-bare kompozitoren, aktoren, domben, khelnen and-o kontinento thaj avdives amen siam jekh integralno kotor katar I dinamikani kulturali cerha and-i avdivesqi Evropa.

Amare mangipe si te śaj vazdas amare khrigali kultura and-e digitalno lumia sar and-o sundal. Amen kamas katar o Unicode Consortium te samogărel jekh emoźi e romane barăxeça thaj te kerel les reslŏver and-e savore internet platforme thaj labne.

Sar o LGBT devlesqo serbenesqo barăx, amaro barăx na mujarel jekh them, nùma mujarel sasti manuśengi grupa. Numaj te beśas and-o sasto sundal thaj te ovel amen verver kulture thaj grupe, amen siam unisarde amare avutnipeça, amare solidarnosteça, amare romanipnaça.

Amen ka keres jekh emoźi dizain thaj ka butăras jekh propozicia ko Unicode Consortium. Kamas vi e Romen and-o sasto sundal te sikaven kaj mangen amaro barăx te ovel mujardo.

Simadăr kaja peticia te sikaves e manuśenge kaj manges te ovel romano barăx emoźi!

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5,275 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!