We need a D20 emoji!

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The Time is now! Roleplayers of the World unite! March forth and support, share and spread the word: WE NEED THE D20 EMOJI! 


Dear Unicode Consortium,

please make the D20 (20-sided die) emoji happen because we need it for miscellaneous reasons:

The D20 is a generally understandable symbol for tabletop role-playing games like "Dungeons & Dragons" that are getting more and more popular and in fact are an important influential popcultural phenomenon by now.

The D20 also is the symbol of luck, nerdism and geometry (as icosahedron, a polyhedron with 20 faces).

In the Emoji-Request-List (https://unicode.org/emoji/emoji-requests.html the D20 (No 241) is listed as "Needs modification" . Please make this modifications happen soon, cause we need it! We are shure that many D20-fans will support your undertaking.

Thank you!