People need a Soda Siphon emoji

People need a Soda Siphon emoji

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Started by Francisco Camara

Communication has evolved to a point where a small picture either of a face, a food, an animal or even an object can mean many things. There are some emojis that are a moon with a face (weird, isn't it?) Some others, more conceptual ones, can show anger � without even showing a facial expression.

Not so long ago emojis with different color races were introduced. Some other cultural foods too. ���. Even national drinks. Mate was approved as part of Unicode 12.0 in 2019 under the name “Mate Drink” �. 

But people need one more. We need something that the world doesnt knows about it. Sparkling water comes in a bottle that lets the gas go away when its opened. But around the 80's Sparkling Water Siphon was really popular made out of glass, always keeping the sparks where they have to be. In my humble opinion one of the most advanced human inventions now left to be forgotten only being available in the Suburbs of Buenos Aires. Of course you can get them all over Argentina as disposable ones but lets be honest, 2022 and still wasting plastic? So dumb.

We need to make the Soda Siphon popular again and I think bring in it back starting with an emoji would be a great way.

Typical Soda Siphon in Buenos Aires

This is me enjoying a Soda Siphon after cycling a long distance

Thank you for reading this. You can reach me on twitter as @francamaraph

13 have signed. Let’s get to 25!