Let's add a Belarusian national flag emoji

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Dear Unicode Consortium,

for more than half a year the people of Belarus have been fighting for their freedom and democracy. 33,000 citizens of Belarus were detained and arrested. Hundreds of people are behind bars, 220 of them have already been recognized as political prisoners. Several patriots were killed by the Lukashenka regime, some went missing.

Only through unprecedented repression, which Europe has not seen since the end of World War II, the regime managed to hold out. Now Lukashenka is tightening all possible laws to prohibit people from expressing their discontent. Anyone who can challenge the regime is subjected to repression: free press, cultural figures, publishers.

One of the worst bans is the ban on the Belarusian national symbol: the white-red-white flag. Under this flag in 1918 our country gained independence for the first time. In 1991, this flag, as a symbol of our people's striving for independence, again became the state flag. As soon as Lukashenko came to power, he returned the old flag of the BSSR, which was imposed on our country by the USSR. Belarus has become a country with different state and national flags. The persecution of supporters of the national flag began. It was forbidden to hang it in public places, to take it with you to the stadiums.

With the beginning of the protests against the dictatorship, the national flag became a symbol of the struggle of the people of Belarus for their rights. Under this flag, such heroes of the new Belarus as Alexander Taraikovsky and Roman Bondarenko were killed. Lukashenka's regime has begun a new round of struggle against the national symbol of Belarus. Even for a flag hung out at home, you can go to jail. In turn, the authorities diligently hang the state flag on prisons and paddy wagons.

Now a new round of hysteria has come: Lukashenka wants to make this symbol extremist. This means that for its use will face criminal prosecution.

We ask the Unicode Consortium to support the people of Belarus in their struggle for their rights and add the national Belarusian flag to the Unicode encoding table. It is now important for Belarusians to understand that they are not alone in the fight against the dictatorship!

Long live Belarus!