Add a Drone Emoji to the Unicode Consortium

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We are calling on the Unicode Consortium to add a drone in the next version of Emoji.

Currently, Emoji features a satellite, rocket, flying saucer, and more than a half dozen versions of trains, but no drone. It's time to bring legitimacy to the drone industry by recognizing the drone among other Emoji.

The Federal Aviation Administration reports that in the United States alone, there are:

  • 1,552,633 Drones Registered
    • 436,836 Commercial Drones Registered
    • 1,112,088 Recreational Drones Registered
  • 167,841 Remote Pilots Certified

These numbers barely scratch the surface of the drone industry's scope, which includes international pilots, hobbyists, and the countless other professionals who make up the industry in training, equipment, marketing, sales, and so much more.

Your support for this petition will act as evidence for the projected use level of the Emoji in DroneUp's proposal to the Unicode Consortium, justifying its inclusion in the next version.

Please sign the petition and share. Together, we have the power to make this change.