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When on holiday, it’s easy to stay in touch with loved ones back home and friends around the globe, through texting and messaging, and we can’t live without our emojis to transmit these experiences. But while the first day of a trip can be the most exciting and memorable (for many reasons!), are there really enough relevant emojis to be able to communicate and truly capture these unique experiences? doesn’t think so! wants to introduce brand new emojis highly relevant to the first 24 hours of your holiday and has asked over 18,000 travellers, from 25 countries worldwide, to find the top requested designs. has brought these to life with illustrations and would love for you to sign our petition to Unicode to bring these into emoji actuality.

The top requested emoji’s are:

•                    Someone looking at a map

•                    Someone dressed in typical tourist gear

•                    Unpacking

•                    A sun lounger

•                    Someone taking a selfie

If you would like to see more holiday and travel related emojis on your mobile device, to have more variety and accurate reflection when messaging about your holiday experiences to friends and family at home and abroad, then sign our petition!

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This petition had 327 supporters

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