(A) emojis and fonts for anarchist ideas

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Those times are in need for more ideas to be expressed within society. Some of those ideas have old symbols

uppercase enclosed A is not the symbol of a political party, it's just a symbol
being used during modern history by movements and individuals in order to reclaim more power to the people and fight oppression by evil authority. It is not related to violence and does not imply illicit actions.

Now, it looks like about software support this symbol was discriminated:
unicode character sets currently support for lowercase enclosed characters only.

Emoji distributions too lacks for such a symbol; we think it would be properly
placed alongside the religious symbols or other political symbols where applicable.

We think it is legit expression of a global idea or mood, not involving hate meanings. What we ask for:

  • unicode implementations will support enclosed uppercase A as just any other enclosed character
  • standardised emoji providers (OS / devices manufacturers) will support for an uppercase A enclosed in a circle; it could be black on white background, white on black background (rounded square), red on white background or similar; font would better like to be a standard one
  • custom emoji providers will possibly support too for the classic white enclosed uppercase A on a black waving flag. This is supposed to be placed close to national flags

Not doing so means censoring a long lasting global idea! In the end it's just about
freedom of speech, democracy shortly...

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